The RV-System®

Process Upgrade and Energy Reduction System for
Paper Industry Deinking Plants

RV-System® – What is it?

The Airjec Diffuser principle has been applied to an innovative system to upgrade existing RCF plants to achieve better ink, ash and stickies removal. A number of mechanisms are employed to improve contrary detachment from the fibres before increased separation by flotation.


The RV-System can be incorporated into the RCF plant at a number of locations according the layout and requirements. Existing deinking units can be upgraded and the quantities of ink / ash / stickies recycling within water loops or in cleaner loops to provide a new, high concentration reject stream.

In a typical case, dilution water that would be added prior to flotation cells, is used a the motive water for the Airjec, entraining micro-bubbles into the water stream. This stream is then used for in-line dilution through the RV-System injector. The specific turbulence in the injector shears off contraries that have re-deposited on fibers and simultaneously forms strong bubble attachments with all the contraries present

Pilot Plant Testing

The specific incorporation of the RV-System into new or existing plants is determined by a detailed analysis incorporating a pilot plant to demonstrate the improvements possible.


The greatly enhanced contrary removal reduces dramatically the stages of flotation needed. Where conventional units require two or more primary cells in series, with the RV-System it has been possible to achieve better results with only one primary stage.
Removing the multi-stage recirculation pumps gives very high energy savings.

Dirt Count On-Machine During Startup


Installations have shown all or most of these benefits:

• Higher production capacity
• Cleaner fibres in terms of ink, ash and dirt
• Simplifying of the whole process giving maintenance reduction
• Improved yield
• Reduction of energy consumption
• Reduction of the chemicals applied in deinking and later stages.

Application Areas

Applications include:

• Tissue mills for enhanced ash / ink / stickies removal
• Office papers where ink and dirt are critical
• Newsprint to improve brightness and dirt and reduce the cost of deinking
• Board mills to improve stock cleanliness by reduction of recycling contraries in cleaners, screens and water loops.


The RV-System is supplied by RITHCO Papertec.
Castor HR Consulting Ltd is the sole agent in UK and Ireland